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MTU Powers BL20GH Locomotives from Brookville Equipment (Pictures)

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MTU is providing the engine power for a group of locomoties being built by Brookville Equipment Corporation out of Brookeville, PA. The locomotive’s will run with an MTU 12V4000R33 creating 2,250HP and carrying EPA Tier 2 Certification. This is the first locomotive of an order for Metro North that will be used for general switching services. You will notice this locomotive is sporting the hetritage colors of the New Haven, for service on the New Haven line we are guessing?

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MTU Detroit Diesel has introduced a new Series 900 PowerDriveUnit for the maintenance of way (MOW) market designed with maximum flexibility in mind. These integrated systems are engineered to provide power when you need it between 101- 275 hp, even under the harshest conditions of temperature, dust and workload. Combined with the company’s other offerings, customers now have access to power units covering the full range from 40-630 hp.

The heart of the new PowerDriveUnit is the proven Series 900 engine. Known for fuel efficient dependable power in other markets, MTU Detroit Diesel is now making this engine available to support maintenance of way operations.

“We are very happy to be able to provide these PowerDriveUnits for use in maintenance of way,” said Deanne Wise, Application Engineer for MTU Detroit Diesel. “We had strong input from this market and a demand for these units. The Series 900 engines have a reputation for reliability and performance, and we feel they will exceed the demands of this marketplace.”

The PowerDriveUnits are skid mounted and available in open or closed configurations depending on model option. The units come complete with radiator, air cleaner, muffler and optional control panels that make the units ready to connect directly to any on-site pump or power take off application.

Regardless of the application, MTU Detroit Diesel’s new PowerDriveUnits will deliver the performance, reliability, economy and durability that the job demands.

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MTU Recieves EPA Approval: Independently Certified Green Tier 2 Rail Engine

MTU 16V4000 Tier 2 Certified Rail Engine  MTU received certification today from EPA for the first independently certified, high-speed rail engine. The low-emission 12V4000 R33 engine is optimized for the rail industry and meets EPA’s Tier 2 emission standard (40 CFR 92). 

“This is the first time EPA has certified to Tier 2 emission limits a stand-alone, high-speed engine for use in locomotive applications,” said Doug Berry, MTU Detroit Diesel Rail Sales Manager. “Certifying the engine itself, instead of the locomotive as a whole, provides OEMs and operators the flexibility to use this engine in any locomotive application, whether for re-powers or new construction.”

With MTU’s experience in the European rail business and leadership in today’s clean diesel technologies, the introduction of its new Series 4000 rail engine allows the company to offer a certified engine that is ideally suited for the new emissions challenges posed by the North American rail market.

The new MTU 12V4000 R33 engine provides 2,250 horsepower at 1,800 rpm and has the latest in common rail fuel injection systems, advanced turbocharging and Advanced Diesel Engine Controls (ADEC) electronics for cleaner, more efficient operations.“MTU has been a leading force in developing clean diesel technology,” said Berry. “The technology in our new rail engines has been used on rails worldwide and in numerous other applications, from mining trucks to tug boats. That proven track record gives us an edge over the competition and provides peace of mind for our customers.”

The Series 4000 engines have been optimized for use in the rail market by:

  • Adding water-cooled exhaust and turbochargers to reduce engine skin operating temperatures and provide unprecedented safety.
  • Employing MTU’s patented, second-generation common rail fuel injection system for better fuel efficiency.
  • Utilizing a self-cleaning oil filtration system to reduce maintenance downtime.
  • Designing the turbocharger and exhaust outlets to be reversible to allow for more installation flexibility for locomotive builders.

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