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Tognum Group acquires Katolight, a manufacturer of gensets in Mankato, Minnesota, USA

Mankato, Minnesota (USA) /Friedrichshafen. Tognum GmbH, headquartered in Friedrichshafen, Germany, today announced the acquisition of Katolight Corp., a U.S. manufacturer of generator sets. Katolight is based in Mankato, Minnesota, USA, and produces diesel and gas-powered engine generator sets for industrial and agricultural applications as well as for emergency power supply, covering a power range of 15 to 3,250 kilowatts. With around 340 employees, Katolight posted sales revenues of approximately $135 million (approx. €100 million) in 2006/07 (fiscal year ending March 31, 2007).

The parties to the transaction have agreed not to disclose any details of the price paid. “With the acquisition of Katolight, we have passed another milestone on our track to become a globally leading provider of decentralized power generators,” stated Volker Heuer, CEO of Tognum. “Katolight is a perfect element in our growth strategy, because it is a well-positioned brand and an excellent supplement to our product range in the important and further growing North American market. Another crucial factor is that Katolight gives us direct access to end-customers.”   Business relations have already existed between Tognum and Katolight for many years. For example, some of Katolight’s generator sets are based on diesel engines from the core Tognum company, MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH. Its subsidiary, MTU Detroit Diesel Inc. (in Detroit, Michigan, USA), supplied more than 170 of its Series 60, Series 2000 and Series 4000 engines to Katolight last year.  “We know the company very well and know that we have acquired a platform with great potential for the distribution of power generators, primarily based on our own engines,” explained Heuer. MTU Detroit Diesel, while now supplying Katolight with engines, will maintain its role as engine supplier to other customers in North America. Katolight, a family owned business founded in 1952, was most recently owned by Kay R. Jacobson and managed for the past 21 years by her husband, Lyle G. Jacobson. “The main reason for the sale to Tognum was the fact that Katolight will be in the hands of a long-standing and reliable business associate”, said Lyle G. Jacobson. “It is also important to us that Tognum is taking over all of our workforce and will continue to operate under the Katolight name inMankato, Minnesota.” The new company in the Tognum Group will play a key role in the Systems and Components division offering standardized power generators. Katolight will be operated as a brand for generator sets based on diesel engines. It complements the well-known Tognum brands MDE and CFC Solutions, which specialize in gas-engine generators and fuel-cell generators, respectively.   “We are excellently positioned in the marketplace with this trio of proven and future-oriented products for the constantly growing demand for local power generation,” stated Tognum Executive Vice President Christof von Branconi, who is responsible for the Systems and Components division. “It is becoming increasingly important to have electrical energy available quickly and reliably wherever it is needed,” pointed out Branconi. “This is particularly apparent in the
United States, where hurricanes or heavy snowfalls often disrupt the regular power supply.” 
With immediate effect, Katolight will be managed by Armin Groeber as CEO, who until now has been responsible for the entire assembly of engines and main components at the core Tognum company MTU Friedrichshafen. Groeber already has over two years’ of business experience in theUnited States: he was Head of Operations for the North American region from 2002 until 2004. “I’m looking forward to returning to the United States,” said Groeber. “Taking full entrepreneurial responsibility for Katolight with its highly motivated team is a great opportunity to further develop the company and strengthen its market position.”


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MTU Detroit Diesel Powers Hurricane Evacuations in Florida

In light of the last few years’ busy and disastrous hurricane seasons, many Gulf Coast states were looking hard for ways to improve evacuation procedures and assist recovery teams in the wake of these powerful storms.Florida was one such state.  Dependable power is vital in any emergency, as the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) well knows. On May 12, of last year the agency held a ribbon-cutting ceremony marking the grand opening of its new fuel supply hubs throughout the state. This chain of fuel supply hubs was the highlight of a $7 million project instituted by FDOT to expedite the evacuation of Florida residents in the event of hurricanes or other emergencies. 

FDOT’s commitment to disaster readiness was bolstered by the dependable presence of 11 MTU Detroit Diesel 1,000 kW gen-sets. These gen-sets would be responsible for providing emergency power to evacuation hubs strategically located on the Florida Turnpike. The additional power would be used for backing up reserves of more than 30 million gallons of fuel for disaster-evacuation and response teams, as well as food supplies, support lights, water and sewage services and limited shelter and gas station services for misplaced persons.

 MTU Detroit Diesel distributor Florida Detroit Diesel-Allison, based in Orlando, Florida, supplied FDOT with the 11 gen-sets, handled all aspects of their installation and continues to maintain and service the units. The ribbon-cutting ceremony, held at the FDOT supply hub at the Turkey Lake Service Plaza, was hosted by Florida Turnpike Deputy Executive Director Chris Warren and included principals from Florida Detroit Diesel-Allison. Don Mann, FDDA’s Vice President of Operations, formally presented Mr. Warren and FDOT Turnpike Executive Director James Ely with the final 1,000 kW gen-set. Mr. Warren then started the gen set in front of guests and national press members, including reporters from ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox News. 

“We are pleased to announce that the entire emergency power resource system on the Turnpike mainline has been upgraded to include 11 new, one thousand watt generators at the headquarters, law enforcement, operations and service plaza complexes,” said Mr. Ely.  Generators were previously in place at the Turnpike’s eight service plazas, but were only capable of providing 200 kW of power for limited time periods and were never intended to be functional during a catastrophic, extended power grid failure. The need for additional power became clear to Turnpike officials in the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma. In the course of the evacuation process, the Turnpike’s eight service stations pumped more than 2.6 million gallons of fuel immediately before and after the storm struck. Now, Warren says, FDOT is determined to streamline those evacuation procedures even more and committed more than $7.5 million of state and federal money to do so. After months of working to determine how much power would be needed to keep the Turnpike open following a hurricane, FDOT placed the order for 11, custom-built, 1,000 kW MTU Detroit Diesel gen-sets with 2,500 gallons of fuel capacity. The manufacturing process took six months. The generators were delivered in April of last year and all units are still running smoothly and fully operational today.

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New MTU Series 4000 Gen-Set Diesel Engines: Cleaner and More Powerful

  • MTU 20V4000 gen-set producing 3,250 kW is the largest output single engine high-speed generator available on the market
  • New Series 4000 12-, 16- and 20-cylinder gen-set engines are more powerful than their predecessors
  • Reduced NOX values for the new Series 4000 engines comply with U.S. EPA Tier 2 emission specifications using purely internal engine technology
  • New engines include the latest edition of ADEC electronic engine management system

DDC/MTU Power Generation introduces the newest version of the successful Series 4000 diesel engines for standby and prime power gen-set applications. The new engines are more powerful, cleaner and economical than their predecessors and include the latest MTU engine management systems.The engines will be available in 12-, 16- and 20-cylinder, 90-degree Vee-configuration designs for 50 and 60 Hz applications. Depending on cylinder configurations, the new engines will produce 1,750 kW, 2,250 kW or 3,250 kW. Overall, power performance increases 13% for 16-cylinder and 16% for 12- and 20-cylinder engines over the previous versions. With the 20V4000 now producing 3,250 kW, it continues to be the largest output single engine high-speed generator available on the market today. 

To meet the more stringent demands of U.S. EPA Tier 2 emission specifications, the new Series 4000 engines utilize purely internal engine technology. The new combustion balance results in reduced NOX values and significant decreases in particulate emissions without any exhaust aftertreatments and no sacrifice in power or fuel consumption.Dispensing with exhaust aftertreatments and the additional sub-assemblies that go with them means a more compact footprint than its predecessors, leading to a higher power density package. This allows more power and increased fuel economy in the same amount of space, saving on costly and complicated installation alterations.The latest generation of MTU’s electronic management system, ADEC (Advanced Diesel Engine Control), represents a further significant advance incorporated into the new Series 4000 engines. Among other features, the ADEC unit has triple injection electronics which provide optimum control of the fuel injection process to ensure low-pollution and high-efficiency combustion. Additionally, the ADEC system allows remote scanning and internet read-out of engine data, such as number of operating hours.

For maintenance purposes, the data can be copied to another engine governor and when combined with MTU’s SAM (Service and Application Module) control unit, integration of MTU engines into a complete generation plant is streamlined.Production of the new Series 4000 engines are scheduled to be built in North America at the Redford, Mich., plant. DDC/MTU Power Generation now has products available for power generation applications from 20-3,250kW.

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