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Applied Mesh Technologies Enhances Performance of Wireless Mesh Network through Its New Relationship with Monarch Antenna, Inc. 

Applied Mesh Technologies, a leading provider of wireless telemetry equipment, today announced the successful integration of Self-Structuring Antenna (SSA) technology provided by Monarch Antenna, Inc. Integration of Monarch’s cognitive SSA greatly improves the performance of Applied Mesh Technologies’ line of wireless telemetry products. SSA extends range in weak signal conditions, improves signal quality in severe RF multipath environments, and improves wireless network selectivity.



“Integration of Monarch’s technology greatly improves the performance of our devices employing 802.15.4 networking, this being particularly true given the difficult RF environments presented by our customers.” said Charles Melvin, Vice President of Engineering, Applied Mesh.



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About Applied Mesh Technologies, LLC

Applied Mesh Technologies, LLC was formed in 2006 by a pioneering group of accomplished engineers with an extensive utility service background. AppMesh develops innovative communication solutions that take metering to the next level by providing utility companies with the capability to remotely monitor their systems to save money and increase operational efficiency.  For more information, please visit or call 1-478-333-3030.


About Monarch Antenna, Inc.

Monarch Antenna, Inc. was formed in 2007 for commercializing the patented Self-Structuring Antenna (SSA) technology, developed jointly by Delphi Corporation and Michigan State University. SSA alters its aperture using RF relays based on feedback from the radio for optimum transmission and reception in real time. Monarch has developed prototypes for WiFi and ZigBee applications, and NASA is currently evaluating the SSA technology for use in missions to the Moon and Mars in the coming decades. The technology also enables implementation of MIMO as well as multi-band operation in handsets where space is at premium. For more information, please visit or call 1-734-846-2550.


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