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APPLIED MESH TECHNOLOGIES’ Develops New Mesh Communications Solution

Applied Mesh Unveils New appMESH® Technology at Autovation Show Booth # 945

Applied Mesh Technologies, the leading hardware provider for wireless communications, today announced that it would be unveiling the new appMESH® wireless mesh communications system and hardware at the upcoming Autovation show being held in Atlanta in September.  Applied Mesh currently offers the DCX

(Direct Connect eXternal) product which serves as a communications backhaul and gateway device for automation of any distribution end device.  When combined, the DCX and appMESH network will provide a totally flexible and low cost solution for distribution automation.   


“Our appMESH equipped devices offer seamless operation of standard TCP/IP protocols over an 802.15.4 network using true IPV6 addressing, an industry first”, said Charles Melvin, Vice President of Engineering, Applied Mesh.“With the appMESH DCX as a gateway, our customers can directly communicate with associated appMESH devices and owing to high RF output power and incorporation of advanced cognitive self-structuring antennas, our appMESH designs offer unparalleled RF performance in the most difficult RF environments.”


Applied Mesh will have the appMesh system in place at Autovation and will be demonstrating the capability to read multiple commercial and industrial meters using MV90 and a mesh network.  “We could not be more excited about the upcoming applications of the new appMESH product.  It provides a solution for every utility need, from distribution and home automation to metering,” said Mark Leach, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Applied Mesh.  In the upcoming months, Applied Mesh will expand the appMESH network capabilities to include residential metering, home automation, load control and other distribution automation applications.



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About Applied Mesh Technologies, LLC

Applied Mesh Technologies, LLC was formed in 2006 by a pioneering group of accomplished engineers with an extensive utility service background. AppMesh develops innovative communication solutions that take metering to the next level by providing utility companies with the capability to remotely monitor their systems to save money and increase operational efficiency.  For more information, please visit or call 1-478-333-3030.



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