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MTU Detroit Diesel 5R890 Successfully Tested for US Army FCS

The newest member of the MTU Series 890 family had a successful initial run on a test bench at the company facilities in Friedrichshafen, Germany in September 2006.  The in-line, five-cylinder diesel engine, 5R890 (MT 895), is rated at 590 horsepower (440 kW) at 4,250 rpm. This configuration will be used in the US Army Future Combat Systems Manned Ground Vehicle.

Since the initial run, the company has built, tested and delivered four 5R890 engines with plans to produce eight more by December 2009.  In addition to the many engineering verification tests accomplished, HALT (highly accelerated life testing) and cold testing has been initiated in 2007 and is currently ongoing.

The Series 890 family takes power density to new levels for conventional diesel engines. The demonstrated design targets are one kilowatt of power per kilogram of weight, coupled with the smallest possible external dimensions. The engine uses all of the available packaging space for integrating oil system components within the crankcase, resulting in straight line exterior contours. The crankcase and pistons are made of aluminum to reduce weight, while the cylinder heads are cast iron and the connecting rods and crankshaft are made of steel to increase strength.

The five-cylinder configuration joins the other family members now on test or in the hands of customers, including the V10 in the German Army Puma; the V6 for US Army Tank Automotive R&D Center, and the in-line 4 used in Rheinmetall Landsysteme GeFas vehicle. Through September 2007, the total running hours of the series 890 engines now add up to nearly 7,000 hours with the 5R890 accounting for approximately 1,000 of these.


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