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MTU Detroit Diesel “Drilling for Solutions” with Series 60

In the hard driving, fast paced drilling industry time is a luxury seldom encountered. When Pollister Drilling Corp. of Elk Rapids, Mich. was looking to assemble a new project near Midland, Mich. they powered their drilling rig with MTU-Detroit Diesel units.

The Saginaw, Mich. branch of W.W. Williams, an MTU-DD distributor, supplied two Power Choice 14L Series 60 500 hp engines and two 350 KW Series 1 Power Gensets for the oil and gas drilling operation. “It was a combination of price and availability,” Ed Pollister, President of Pollister Drilling, said. “The competition was about a year out on delivery and nearly double on price.” W.W. Williams was able to provide the equipment in about three months.

“Ninety days compared to 11-months seems like an eternity,” Ron Taylor of W.W. Williams said.” We were able to provide the units in a timely manner where our competition couldn’t. And we did so at a good price.” “In addition to the price and availability Pollister wanted to try our DDEC electronic controls. The DDEC IV was used with these units. Our controls set the standards for the industry. We set the bar out there.”

A benefit to the combination of the engines and gensets selected is the common use of parts. “We wanted to put a package together with the engine and Genset’s where there was interchangeability among the units,” Taylor said. “There is continuity between the parts and they only have to stock one type of replacement and maintenance parts.”


The two Series 60 engines were factory remanufactured by the MTU-DD owned Specialty Tool Corp. of Cambridge, Ohio carrying the same one-year parts and services warranty as a new version. Although the engines are rebuilt, a good portion of the units have new parts. As much as 85-percent of the engine components are new.

“I have been real happy with the MTU’s,” Pollister said. “As far as the remanufactured engines go the availability was important, the warranty is the same and there is no difference in the work.”


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