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I love the smell of diesel fuel in the morning

MTU Detroit Diesel 16V2000M93 + Magnum Force 80 = 4,800 HP

You’re neither a rock star nor the King of Spain, but you’ve never doubted that you could be either one, or possibly both, if you really put your mind to it. You understand perfectly why most drivers purchase mass-produced automobiles but can’t fathom how those poor souls live with the knowledge that their car looks just like a million others. You only fly first class when your Gulfstream is unavailable. You never, ever read the right-side column of a menu first.  

Sir or Madam, your Magnum is ready.  There are sport boats, there are speedboats and there are so-called Cigarette boats. They all have their merits, but they are strictly junior varsity compared to the new 80-foot custom go-fast waterborne missile built by Magnum Marine in North Miami Beach, Florida. Designed by Pininfarina, decorated by the buyer’s choice of designer and powered by 4,800 horses’ worth of eyesocket-sucking MTU Detroit Diesel engines, the new boat will hustle up to sixty-plus mph without making waves in your flute of Dom Perignon.

This is the boat that Sonny Crockett would have piloted in “Miami Vice” if he had Aristotle Onassis for a partner instead of Ricardo Tubbs. A Magnum sighting at your local marina, however, will make plenty of waves among dockside admirers jaded by the relatively ubiquitous presence of more, ahem, common sport boats. This is as it should be, given the Magnum’s price tag, which is in the $5 million range. That’s for a fully customized boat with up to four ultra-luxurious cabins and enough above-decks square footage to accommodate the entourages of rock star Lenny Kravitz and Juan Carlos, the King of Spain, as long as those two notable Magnum owners didn’t let their guest lists get out of hand.  

Of course, if your particular entourage does overflow the spacious deck, your guests won’t suffer, thanks to a layout that puts the “Amen!” in amenities: The salon (in your choice of décor and colors, naturally) is large enough to offer plenty of elbow room for guests who will no doubt be noshing on the canapés prepared in the gourmet galley. If up to eight of those guests happen to overindulge, they’ll find their cabins so sumptuously equipped and so quiet that even after they wake up they may never want to leave. If that happens, you can always put the mooches to work dusting the forest’s worth of teak belowdecks, which will keep them busy until the party starts all over again at dusk.  

On the water, there’s nothing quite like the sight of a Magnum at full gallop, and the new 80 is no exception. The 20-foot wide, five-inch thick, 80,000 lb. deep-vee hull splits the heaviest seas effortlessly enough to threaten Moses’ job security, and in the process sprays a rooster tail that makes Old Faithful look Old School. Propelled by Arneson surface drives mated to twin MTU Detroit Diesel 16V2000M93 Common Rail engines, the 80 lives up to the buffet of superlatives offered by Magnum Marine Owner and President Katrin Theodoli, who says her company produces “the safest, fastest, most seaworthy, most reliable, most beautiful and most technologically advanced boats in the world.” Theodoli notes that each Magnum is built to order, a process that in her words is a lot of fun because to Magnum owners, “money is absolutely no object.”Super-fast, uber-sexy and if-you-have-to-ask-how-much-you-know-the-rest expensive, the Magnum 80 is totally over the top in the rarified world of sport boats. So when can we get a ride in one?


March 27, 2007 - Posted by | Cool Stuff

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