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Bluevision: New Nautical Comfort Electronics

MTU will present its newly developed Bluevision automation system to the North American market. These comfort electronics for ships with Series 2000 and 4000 engines offer an optimally coordinated propulsion unit and remote control system for various propulsion systems. There are separate Bluevision versions for classified and non-classified vessels. Electronics for engines and propulsion systems developed and manufactured in-house are an MTU hallmark.  

Plug & Play: Simple installation and easy operation
Simple installation and easy operation are important shipbuilding requirements placed on modern electronic systems. The comprehensive Bluevision system plug & play package can thus by all means be described as an all-inclusive, worry-free package. All the hardware components in the system are easily installed. The vessel cables, required for the flow of data between the engine room and the helms, are easily installed – prefabricated cables with plugs simplify connections. The electricians are spared complicated terminal diagrams. This guarantees rapid commissioning.

Sophisticated color visualization
Ships’ captains today want appealing and clear displays with color graphics that they can get along with immediately in all situations. High-resolution, modern flat monitors and trackball operation guarantee this in all sailing and operating situations and thus offer additional safety. Another characteristic of Bluevision are the new on-screen features, which leave no questions unanswered for the user: the realistic engine technology display, the directly accessible engine documentation and the option of configuring the so-called trend of freely selectable measuring points, enable the user and those responsible for engineering on board to be in complete control. If desired, a second language can be displayed on the monitor in addition to English. 

 Optimum coordination between engine and propulsion system
In addition, Bluevision offers an optimally coordinated control center and remote control system for propulsion systems with fixed pitch propellers, adjustable pitch propellers, Voith-Schneider or water jet systems for ships with one to four shaft drive systems. The Bluevision monitoring system logic starts in the engine room and can be extended for four helms (for unclassified vessels) or for six helms for classified vessels. Fast, redundant CAN databus connections, control stands in the engine room (LOP) and the option of integrating measuring points in the so-called general ship area (for example for the monitoring of the bilges and fuel tanks) into the system are additional distinguishing features of Bluevision.


March 19, 2007 - Posted by | Systems

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