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MTU-Powered Catamaran to Revolutionize Offshore Transportation

MTU, SEACOR Marine and Gulfcraft Shipyard have teamed up to develop a product that will revolutionize the offshore transportation industry.Life as we know it today offers two options when you need to deliver supplies or crew to a offshore platform in the
Gulf of Mexico. You can either fly the supplies and crew by helicopter, at considerable expense, or you can ship them on a crewboat, which is far less expensive, but substantially more time consuming.

Thanks to the MTU, SEACOR and Gulfcraft partnership, you will soon have a third option, as SEACOR Marine has commissioned a high-speed, 150-passenger catamaran ferry that can easily reach speeds of 40 knots and reduce travel time in half, all while remaining cost-effective for the customer and safe and comfortable for the crew.The new catamaran’s source of power is four MTU 16V4000 M71 engines rated at 3,305 horsepower each.

The engines were chosen because they have the best horsepower-to-weight ratios in their class, not to mention also being the leader in the fast ferry market. “The engine provides the horsepower we needed and has a good track record,” said Joe McCall, SEACOR Project Manager. “Other operators were quite pleased with this model.” “We’re thrilled to be working with the SEACOR Marine group,” said Jeff Sherman, Marine Sales Manager for MTU Detroit Diesel’s Workboat Division. “We’re extremely confident the MTU engines will lead to the overall success of this industry-changing catamaran project.”Gulfcraft, a leader among catamaran builders, also built the 170-foot Key West Express, which ferries tourists from Ft. Myers and Marco Island to
Key West, Florida.

This high-speed catamaran, much like the new vessel being built for SEACOR, features all aluminum construction, jet propulsion a stabilization system and is also powered by MTU engines.Scotty Tibbs, Comptroller at Gulfcraft, was asked how the engines are performing on the Key West Express. “They’re working out just fantastic,” he responded. “The owners are very pleased with the performance of the boat. We anticipate the same outstanding performance and satisfaction with the boat we’re building for SEACOR.”


March 12, 2007 - Posted by | Marine

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