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New MTU Series 4000 Gen-Set Diesel Engines: Cleaner and More Powerful

  • MTU 20V4000 gen-set producing 3,250 kW is the largest output single engine high-speed generator available on the market
  • New Series 4000 12-, 16- and 20-cylinder gen-set engines are more powerful than their predecessors
  • Reduced NOX values for the new Series 4000 engines comply with U.S. EPA Tier 2 emission specifications using purely internal engine technology
  • New engines include the latest edition of ADEC electronic engine management system

DDC/MTU Power Generation introduces the newest version of the successful Series 4000 diesel engines for standby and prime power gen-set applications. The new engines are more powerful, cleaner and economical than their predecessors and include the latest MTU engine management systems.The engines will be available in 12-, 16- and 20-cylinder, 90-degree Vee-configuration designs for 50 and 60 Hz applications. Depending on cylinder configurations, the new engines will produce 1,750 kW, 2,250 kW or 3,250 kW. Overall, power performance increases 13% for 16-cylinder and 16% for 12- and 20-cylinder engines over the previous versions. With the 20V4000 now producing 3,250 kW, it continues to be the largest output single engine high-speed generator available on the market today. 

To meet the more stringent demands of U.S. EPA Tier 2 emission specifications, the new Series 4000 engines utilize purely internal engine technology. The new combustion balance results in reduced NOX values and significant decreases in particulate emissions without any exhaust aftertreatments and no sacrifice in power or fuel consumption.Dispensing with exhaust aftertreatments and the additional sub-assemblies that go with them means a more compact footprint than its predecessors, leading to a higher power density package. This allows more power and increased fuel economy in the same amount of space, saving on costly and complicated installation alterations.The latest generation of MTU’s electronic management system, ADEC (Advanced Diesel Engine Control), represents a further significant advance incorporated into the new Series 4000 engines. Among other features, the ADEC unit has triple injection electronics which provide optimum control of the fuel injection process to ensure low-pollution and high-efficiency combustion. Additionally, the ADEC system allows remote scanning and internet read-out of engine data, such as number of operating hours.

For maintenance purposes, the data can be copied to another engine governor and when combined with MTU’s SAM (Service and Application Module) control unit, integration of MTU engines into a complete generation plant is streamlined.Production of the new Series 4000 engines are scheduled to be built in North America at the Redford, Mich., plant. DDC/MTU Power Generation now has products available for power generation applications from 20-3,250kW.


March 9, 2007 - Posted by | Gen Sets


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